Paper Covers Rock

from by VISIONS

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    Told me you were scared of love
    I claimed I was too
    I hit my head against the ceiling
    And I told you the truth

    Told me you were scared to die
    I claimed I was too
    You bit your fangs into my neck
    When you broke me the news

    Well that night we were done
    Jack daniels in our veins
    And the smoke in our lungs
    Fell head first down the stairs
    And the bruises on your legs
    were there to stare
    at you in the morning
    when you woke up
    to remind you of what you’d done
    and those picture frames
    will never be the same
    after all they’ve seen us do.
    And you fell down first off my seven story bunk bed.
    Cracked your head against the floorboard and I wished you were dead

    You like to think you’re made of stone
    But little do you know, paper covers rock

    (so snort another pill
    smoke until you feel
    drink him down until he looks like me
    and im burning these bridges
    faster than I can build them.)

    (I am a monster)

    When you make your way back to Sarasota,
    With holes in your pockets and sand in your shoes.
    I hope this song
    Still lingers on your tongue
    Like the cigar we shared

    Told me you were scared of love,
    I claimed I was too
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from Re​:​VISIONS, released November 16, 2010



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